Final Report Project Strengthening IOM / Private Sector Relationship in Chile

Ene 29, 2018

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Within the framework of the IOM Strategy for Partnerships with the Private Sector 2016-2020 and in line with the MIGOF and the SDGs, IOM Chile developed three activities aimed at establishing strong relations between IOM and the Private Sector, and at raising awareness and generating knowledge regarding migratory issues among the sector. Hereunder, the activities will be presented, the First Inter-firm Roundtable on Migration, the Forum on Labor Migration “Private sector and labor migration in the Maule” and the Working lunch with the Private Sector in Osorno. Labor is one of the fundamental mechanisms of insertion and inclusion into a society. Therefore, the topic of labor migration in Chile acquired major importance in recent years given the increasing number of migrants heading towards the country. Moreover, the activities designed by IOM Chile were aligned with the Presidential Instructive N°05 of November 2015 of President Michelle Bachelet. This instructive states that the Government is responsible for the promotion of labor rights and social care for migrant workers and their families, particularly through migration regularization, formalization of labor relationships and joint responsibility between employers and employees.