OIM in Chile


IOM and Chile have collaborated closely since the creation of IOM in 1951

Over the past few years, immigration to Chile has increased a lot due to its fast-growing economy and its major trade openness., which provoked the emergence of new challenges covering adaptation and integration of migrants at every levels. 

Thus, the IOM mission in Chile, in its desire to provide support to the increasing flow of migrants, is currently carrying out a joint program together with various sectors, such as fifteen local authorities through the program called “Migrants and towns” which made the improvement of standards of care for migrants possible. 

The IOM Chile has also actively collaborated with various ministries such as : the Ministry of Exterior Affairs, through a joint agenda focused on cooperation; the Ministry of the Interior, through various projects (also involving the Bureau Foreigners for Foreigners and Immigration (DEM), the police of investigation (PDI) and the National Office for Emergencies (ONEMI)); the Ministry of Health, through capacity-building programs focused on primary health care for migrants; the Ministry of Education through the programs “Becas Chile” and Conicyt which provide a service of  assistance aimed at students travelling for their studies.